Extracting audio from DDP

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to extract audio from a DDP image?
I need to send the audio (.wav) files from a DDP to a client.
He tried Sonoris to read the DDP but couldn’t get it to work.

I’ve imported the DDP into Wavelab 7, I can see the audio montage but cannot access the files or create new ones, independent from the DDP. I tried grabbing, drag & drop, went thru the Help section… all the menus… No success.
Philippe, tu peux m’aider avec ceci?

Thanks all!

When you import a DDP into WaveLab, this creates a new Audio Montage, with CD tracks. From the Render dialog, you can render 1 or more CD tracks, as audio files.

Merci PG

Is there a way to ‘render’ the files separately as opposed to having one big file?
I know I can do this after but it would save a bit of time if WL did it for me.

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Oublie ca, j’ai trouvé!!

Merci :slight_smile: