Extracting audio from film

I need to extract the audio from a film for dialogue edit (Eq, Gate, etc)
How do I do this?

Aloha T, and funny you should ask.

I don’t normally do a video sort of thing but in responding
to a users post:

I found that when I went to ‘import’ a video file into a project,
Cubase first asked me if I wanted to delete (or extract. I can’t remember which)
the audio from the file.

In my case I said ‘no’ but this option should work for you.

Give it a try and Good luck!

Actually this one is easy,click on Media then just scroll down to Extract audio from video file and you’re done!.

Yes, no I do remember seeing something in earlier ver. re extracting audio…don’t see it in C7
but I’ll look and also check out the media thing too