Extracting specific midi notes from one track


I’m working with Cubase 7. I have a midi drum track wich i want to extact only the notes corresponding to the toms to put them on another track. The reason of this is to assign the toms to a different midi channel then the rest of the drums. Maybe there is a simplier way to achieve this…? I’m using kontact Studio Drummer wich i love but prefer the toms from Modern Drummer. How to do this?

Can someone help?

Use the Dissolve Part function from the MIDI Menu, and specify the separate pitches option.
Best if you also read this section in the Operation Manual. :wink:

BriHar’s description is perfect, if you want to separate all the different note pitches.
But if you just want to extract one particular note pitch, then you could use the Logical Editor (e.g; the snare on MIDI note #26(D0) )…
Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Note___And
Value 1 (note)___Equal___26

Lower section (leave blank)

Function = “Extract”

I open it in the key editor make it short where you can see the whole length then make it tall enough to highlight the track I want then cut or copy the notes.

You have to have the snaps set right to past it to a new track if there isn’t a note right at the start.