Extracting vocals with Phase Reverse

Hello everyone.

Please apologise for the noob question.

I’m trying to extract vocals from a song, it doesn’t have to be perfect, I’m doing an arrangement over it, so there is no problem in having it with still some “dirty” on it.

I have PianoVocals.wav and PianoSolo.wav i need to have VocalsSolo

Now. For what I read on the internet:

Track 1: PianoVocals.wav
Track 2: PianoSolo.wav

Make sure they are aligned. On Track 2, either Reverse Phase (from Audio menù) or go to the mixer and search for the Phase 180°.

The problem is that when I do this nothing happens. I tried moving a bit volumes or EQs but still no result.
Strange fact, my sound engineer friend did this for me on a couple of song (he uses Pro Tools) and said that the process is right, he only puts a plugin and export, but I don’t wanna bother him anymore, I gotta do 12 arrangements and this should be easy…

Ideas? Suggestions?


If nothing happens when the phase is reversed then either you haven’t aligned the audio correctly or the piano in one is not exactly the same as in the other file.
Do you want to upload the files somewhere and I’ll take a look.


For some reason if I convert both files to Mono everything works…

I have no idea why.