Extrem slow DL Speed again

Ok its not the first time and not the first thread about the unbelievable slow download speed at Steinberg. Just have to grab the complete installer of Cubase Pro 8.5 again. I have a 200mb line but it needs 13 hours for the 9 GB. Stopping and reloading several times speeds it up now to 6 hours. Nevertheless this is a shame. Please Steinberg please try to deliver a contemporary speed for download. This is just a joke and frustrating customers with no need.

I am having the same trouble with the download of my purchased upgrade from 7 to 8.5 Pro.
It failed the first time… and also its extremely slow; i dont have the fastest internet, but I usually have 1,5 mbps easily, or lets say 1 mbps… but this is going at 100 kbps at most… its not only a matter of being impatient, but a matter of hoping for the best in the 23 to 27 hrs the download manager tells me it will take for the payed download… should I have downloaded this from some other place?? is this the best the servers can do?, do you know if there is a problem I am not aware of? Im sorry to bother, but afterwards…I have 24 more hours for the windows installer :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I really am the only one online here, there is no other internet bandwidth being used… I can be grateful to avoid travelling to a store… but really…is this fixable? I think it’s a big disrespect with a customer/user 's time.
I posted this in another topic but felt it deserved to be here too
Thanks for your help
Hope the download does not fail after 20 hrs!! And it keeps getting slower
now 2 days time for 9 gigs…please at least someone has to acknowledge the problem from Steinberg…

I’ve found that quite a few of the companies that I download from are slow, e.g. plugin companies. I use a Firefox plugin called DownloadThemAll which purports to give faster downloads, but more importantly it keeps trying to download if it fails and can resume partial downloads - so I don’t have to restart the download after hours of downloading!


Im soooo sorry to have been so angry before
I just had to activate the license inn the eLicencer, and steinberg gave me acces tothe downloads from steimberg’s website
So Solved
The windows installer took only 2 hours. I hope everything goes right from now, and please frogive my discontent.