Extreme Audio BOMB/EXPLOSION on mac (ASIO issue?)

Hey people, I had this issue once before but i’ve forgotten how to fix it. Basically there seems to be a mad accumulation of asio data that silences audio until… wait for it… when’s it gonna happen… get those headphones off quick!

… tick… tick… tick…

Utter sonic destruction.

I’m using inbuilt audio and my buffer size is 512 and multi processing on or off doesn’t make a difference.

Please help, i’m trying to finish a track :wink:

Thanks in advance.


Get a real sound card. :slight_smile:

Ha, i’ve got one… just that I like to work on the sofa often for finishing stuff off - then I want to use inbuilt audio (which btw works perfectly on logic and ableton)

Increase the buffer size, use logic or ableton, or get off that couch! :laughing:
BTW, what’s that about ASIO? Why would it be an ASIO issue?

couch is a great place for music… i’ve made most of the tracks i’ve done over the last couple of years on the couch, seriously.

I say ASIO because i’ve been monitoring the performance meter. All of a sudden it goes to max… and stays there… that’s when the explosion occurs. It ain’t pleasant on your ears… and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Aloha d,

Happens to my macbook all the time. (Never on my desktop).

After each start of the computer, I’ll bring up a song in Cubase (all VSTi’s)
and it will play for a while and then:
all audio stops and like you posted: CRASH-BOOM’!!!

It sounds to my ears like all the MIDI events that were silenced
are now all playing at once in one big ‘mishmash’ crash.

However after that initial boom, all is well with no probs till I shut the computer
down and the whole cycle starts again.

I always thought it was due to having a slow hard drive (5400)
in the Macbook but I may be wrong on this.

Buffer is set to max (2048) for playback only purposes.

This also happened on my old G4 Powerbook. Must be a laptop thang. :slight_smile:

Hope you get this sorted.

I can relate - music + couch = good.

So this happens on a laptop, huh? Perhaps the HD is not fast enough. Is it 5400 rpm? I think in order to get good performance, you need a 7200.


Ive had this happen to me a bunch of times as well, ONLY when working with my Motif XS (Yamaha Firewire ASIO) and I just opened the project.

Recently, I noticed, once the Motif XS VST Editor was synced up to Cubase, I hit the play button and it started playing for a few seconds, then, lo-and-behold, the dreaded silence came, so I looked at the Motif’s screen and saw that it was still attempting to sync. So once it smashed all the notes together in the “big bang”, I stopped it and waited for the Motif itself, to stop syncing. Then all was well after that.

Ive never had this happen other than with the Motif, and am pretty sure it was because the Motif had not yet fully synced, even though the VST Editor had completed the sync. I noticed it only recently, because I rearranged my equipment, so the Motif is now my main MIDI controller and I can see whats going on, on its screen.

This probably doesnt contribute anything, but just thought Id mention it.

Aloha S, are you also using a laptop?

For those of us experiencing this prob;

1-Is a laptop the common link here?
2-If so, is the HD spinning at 5400 rpm?
3-Anyone get this same behavior on a desktop ?


I’ve had this a few times with my Imac. Can’t find a reason for it.

I could have swore I wrote this info in there…anyway…

Yes, Im on a Macbook. 4,1 to be specific. Im not sure what the HD speed is, but it probably IS 5400, as its stock.

Same here.
Macbook 4,1 (black) HD 5400 rpm 4gig ram.

Seems we might be closing in on the prob.

‘Apple laptops with slow HDs’

Hey guys, been busy so sorry not been able to respond. I’ve actually been running Cubase without the issue. No idea why it’s stopped. Surely the disk isn’t the issue when i’m hardly using any audio? Most of my music is MIDI and virtual instruments. I have one audio track with a 4 bar file.

Aloha and I am glad you got it sorted and all seems to be well.

Same here. No audio. MIDI/Instrument tracks only, yet the prob persists.

Hey guys,
1-would not a 5400rpm HD have a smaller built-in cache than a 7200?


2-since the sound samples still have to come off (stream) the HD
might that be the bottleneck?

3-Anyone with a 7200rpm HD (laptop) having this same prob?

I still think it was my Motif not being fully synced, that caused it. I only experienced this when using the Motif as a sound module (using an M-Audio Keystation), and was going by the Motif VST Editor window, saying it was synced. Since I rearranged my equipment and can keep an eye on the Motif’s screen, I know when its really synced. Sometimes its a good 30 seconds after the VST Editor displayed it as being synced. I have not encountered it since…

Are you guys using external instruments that require syncing?

Patience may be the key…