Extreme noise on cubase LE


I have just bought a second hand Steinberg UR 22 MKII. I have installed the cubase LE that is bundled with the hardware. I created an empty project to test the device and after I clicked on monitor it just started to generate feedback like very high volume noise and then it turned into a complete high frequency blast. No plugins VST’s whatsoever. I am listening to it through the earphone out. When I try to record, I have no problems by the way. Only the monitoring creates the problem.

Then I created one of those predefined recording projects with distortion guitar. If I turn off the distortion then I can both monitor and record without any problem but with any kind of distortion on it creates a slightly similar blast.

Does anyone knows the reason of the problem? Please don’t tell me it is because of the usb interface. I can’t return it.

I have realized that someone before me asked a very similar question and it has been replied by Martin Jirsak. Sorry for the repetition but I won’t delete the post maybe this would be useful for some one else. The answer is disable the loopback function of the UR 22.