Extreme Static w/ Any Interface

Hey guys! I am running Cubase Elements 6 on my MacBook Pro 10.9.1.
I’ve been using it without problem for a while, but recently when I switch to a USB interface (I haven’t tried firewire) the input signal becomes maxed out with static and hissing. I’ve tested the interfaces on other software and other computers and they work fine there.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled cubase with no luck. Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you, any help is awesome!

I had some similar problems recently and did some research. I was able to fix it by having all of the equipment that I am using plugged into the same power strip. For me that meant both of my KRK monitors, laptop, USB powered MIDI controller, and another USB MIDI controller with a power cable. I had read something somewhere that the static, feedback, etc… is caused by the ground loop either needing to be broken or the easier way (which is what I just told you) to plug everything into the same power strip so then everything is on the same ground frequency or something to that effect. Worth a shot anyway.