Extremely green to H7. How do I add a MIDI module to a factory sound?

Is it possible at all?

I am running the trial of H7 ( :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:, by the way, too awesome) and I’ve discovered the World Instruments instrument. Hey! Not bad at all! But there’s a problem with the kanun player (as it usually happens in real life too… :thinking:)

In those sounds where there are more than one instruments simultaneously (e.g. oud and kanun), all other instruments receive tuning from the microtuning thingy on the bottom right of the macro page just fine, but the kanun refuses to do so. And when I go to the edit page, I see that no MIDI Tuning module exists for the kanun, when every other instrument has it. So, the macro page’s quarter tone thingy for kanun probably connects to… nothing?

Is there something I can do about it? Can I add this MIDI tuning module myself, or is this impossible with factory content?

(By the way, the solo “kanun vib” is set up correctly and plays wonderfully well. It’s just the ensembles that have this problem.)

Looks you are right.

You can add the Tuning Scale module yourself but you will probably need to use the editor tab as it won’t connect to macro page.

You can edit the factory content as long as you have access to the elements you want to edit. With some instruments the layers may be locked.

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Then it’s worth a shot! How can I do that? Where do I add it from?

You can do it in the Program tree editor. Select the Kanun layer and click the midi module button.

Then you can edit the new midi module in the sound tab.

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Great! This worked like a charm. It’s a shame that the macro page won’t work, but at least now I can make it listen to the tuning. Thanks a lot!