Extremely high energy usage. Dorico 3

Just to give some more context to Daniel’s response - I just played a large orchestra piece with NotePerformer on Dorico 3.1 (11-15% CPU, videoengine removed) and 3.5 (115-120% CPU).

Thank you for the quick response Daniel.

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Hello. I just started Dorico trial. Seems an interesting fit for my hobby needs, but this CPU issue is ridiculous. Open the colddplay score which comes with Dorico, try to play it and end up with 100% CPU load. Trying to output to midi (for logic) does not work at all, obviously due to the CPU being stuck. I’ve stopped everything now and it sits there with 50-80% CPU. Yes, that’s at idle time. Yes, I’ve deleted the video bundle.

Attached is if the spindump if anyone cares. I’d be happy to reset my trial once the issue is resolved. The concept seems great, don’t get me wrong, but you need to address the QA, as all the bells and whistles are worth less than 0 with such a blocking issue.

Sorry for the ranting sentiment, i’m kinda :cry: :angry:
Spindump.txt.zip (465 KB)

Uhh… turns out all IAC buses are used as midi input by default, so using IAD bus as midi out creates a loopback.

Down to mangable CPU usage now! Not low, but managable :slight_smile:

Glad you figured this out.

For any Mac users scratching their heads about how to remove videoengine.bundle (like I was), these were the steps I followed:

  1. Find Dorico 3.x in the Applications folder in Finder
  2. Right click on the application and select “show package contents”
  3. Go to Contents » Components and move videoengine.bundle out of the folder. Clicking and dragging will only create a shortcut, so make sure the file is no longer present in that folder.

My CPU utilization is now back under 10% during playback, but the software engineer in me is really curious what the bottleneck here is.

I dragged it holding down the Command key, to prevent it from copying. I just moved it one level up, to the Contents directory, so it is handy anytime I want to move it back. Seems to work fine.

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I always forget about that feature! I ended up moving it to the trash and then recovering it to the desktop, but I like your solution much better. Thanks!

I wonder if the video engine problem will be fixed in version 4?

Well, the video engine has certainly been updated, so the behaviour may well be different, but I’m afraid I don’t know whether or not this problem will be resolved. It appears to only manifest on some computers.

Hm…interesting…I’ve never heard, it occurs only on “some” computers. But…it will be possibly solved for a newer hardware generations. And…Intel Macs wont be on this train any more…

Daniel, since I’ll be upgrading (very soon! ), I’ll post here to let you know if 4.0 has the same behavior (I’m on Windows 10).

I’ll be happy to test today if you’d like to get me an early copy… ha ha ha!

It’ll be interesting to know, certainly. It’s not something that our beta testers have reported, and nor is it something that we have reproduced internally, but it certainly does occur for some computers.

If I still see the problem (tomorrow?) with 4, I’ll do a little poking around to see if I can help identify what’s going on. I was a programmer for 40 years (now retired), and I love a good challenge!

Could we do some online document where users could register their mashines? Somenthing like
Username, Hardware, Operating system, RAM Year? It could probably help to locate the problem and we could see how specific it is related to one or another platform or operating system. I will check it anyway after I will download and install Dorico 4 today:)

On my Windows PC (which always had over twice the CPU usage with the videoengine file), the videoengine issue has been resolved in Dorico 4!

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In my case (MacBook Pro 2017, macOS 12.1) Dorico 4 solves this issue as well. Thank you very much😊

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Hey theoretical,

I have been struggling with this Dorico CPU Problem since almost two years now :see_no_evil:
By accident I found out that the CPU jumps from 0,2% to 99% when I plug in my RME Arc USB Controller, which controls my Audio interface. Without it being connected Dorico seems to run quietly.

Maybe this has something to do with this IAC thing…?!

Can you explain this IAC thing to me?