Extremely long save times

In cubase 9.5 saving even the smallest project seems to take quite a long time. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a large or small project. I just timed the saving of a song with 6 tracks, with 4 plugins, no midi, nothing - it took 48 seconds. There’s no extra files in the pool either. The same project saves in Cubase 9 in a second. Is this a bug?

Hi Lordward! I´m having the same problem with large projects but the largest save time I had is 10sec. I´m on 9.5 but even the 10 sec lag is a painful workflow killer. Hope you get this solved! Best

Something is definitely wrong on your system – even though Cubase takes very long times to save when having instances of Kontakt and other sample-based VSTi’s, what you’re experiencing is very abnormal. Even on my biggest sessions with tons of Kontakt, etc., it never takes anywhere near 48 seconds (though it does take a looooooong time in those sessions).

I wish I could be of more help because I know it must be frustrating. Have you tried the normal things such as trashing preferences, etc.?