Extremely Muddy Sound with Rode Mic only in Cubase

After using cubase for 5 years i bought a new mic, the rode nt usb mini.

Now for some reason, when i load up my asio4all, it detects the mic but whenever i record something it sounds like
a 1$ headphone mic. Its extremely compressed, muddy, very very low gain and everything.

Now i tried the exact same mic in davinci resolve and there it works like a charm. Cristal clear quality and a good gain.

Therefore the problem has to be cubase, but i dont get why and how. Asia4all is also the only driver to recognize my mic, i trief to increase buffer
but that didnt work. i have installed the latest version of both the driver and cubase.

One thin that is even wierder is that when i use cubase on my laptop with this mic (different pc) the quality is almost as i want, only too low gain.

Maybe anyone of you got a clue whats going on.