Extremely Narrow Mixer View - How?

When I first installed Nuendo 6 the default view in the mixers was extremely narrow and very cool (for me). However, once I made some adjustments I cannot narrow the channels back to that extremely narrow view.

Is there a way to do that? I’ve searched all over (yes I RTFM’d) but can’t find any mention of this.


Not sure if I understand correct but anyway…
You can zoom in and out in the mixer window when your window focus is in the mixer window. This way you can have narrower or wider channels on mixer window.

Bye/ Tumppi

Open mixer - ‘G’ zoom in and ‘H’ zoom out

I understand about zooming in the mixer view. What I’m talking about is the EXTREMELY narrow view that I saw only when I first installed Nuendo. I want to get that view back. Once I made any adjustments zoom-wise, I could never get that view back. Grrrrr… :slight_smile: