Extremely Slow Creating or Opening Halion Track

I recently upgraded computers. On this new computer I have noticed Cubase 9.5 is extremely slow to add a new Halion 6 instrument track or opening Halion 6 on an existing track. It takes about 15 seconds to add a Halion 6 track from the time I click Add Track until when it is appears.

I know there are a lot of possibilities being a new computer, but 15 seconds is ridiculous. This is an 11th Gen i7 with 16gb ram and 1tb internal ssd. My previous system was an i5 with 8gb ram and 256gb internal ssd and that could add or open a Halion 6 track in just a few seconds.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Other than this problem playback of existing projects seems normal, although opening an existing project does not seem to be any faster than my old system, which doesn’t seem right either.

does HALion maybe have to rebuild it’s database on the new computer?

Not sure what you mean by rebuild the library.

Also, when I said 15 seconds in my initial post that was just and estimate. I timed it today and it averages 23 seconds from the time I add the track (or edit an existing) until the time H6 appears on screen.