Extremely slow project (help from the team please)

I’m really struggling to work on a project that’s slowed right down.

I can’t share the file here as the copyright’s owned by a client, but I’d be very happy to email it over to the team.

The computer specs listed in the signature of this post are accurate.

Some project details:

  • Only four instruments, one of which is grand staff.

  • Currently 14 flows long.

  • Only one score layout, and no parts layouts.

  • Score is roughly 80 (A4) pages long, rastral size 3 (7.0mm).

  • No overrides, no manual master page changes.

  • Lots of “front material” on each flow, but otherwise the flows are just plain notes and rests, with the odd dynamic here and there.

  • File size 1.4mb

Actual note and text input is fast as usual, but the following actions are reliably taking between 15 and 40 seconds:

  • Flicking from Page view to Galley view

  • Switching from Engrave mode to Setup mode

  • Switching from Engrave mode to Play mode (not that I’ve touched anything in Play mode)

  • Creating a new flow

  • Duplicating a flow

  • Deleting a flow

  • Adding or removing individual instruments from a flow (this can be 20 seconds PER INSTRUMENT)

Switching between modes is sometimes nearly instant (a couple of seconds) - Galley View to Page view seems to take the longest, whether within Write mode or shifting from Write mode (Galley) to Engrave mode (Page), during which time Engrave-related items are briefly shown in Galley view.

I’ve tried switching off “Hide empty staves”, fiddled with the chord symbol settings (I want them above the top stave but I wondered if that calculation was slowing things down), restarted the computer, exported and then reimported all the flows into a new project, and it remains woefully slow.

For the record, it’s just this one project that’s causing the problem; sadly it’s the one project that’s on a tight deadline! I have a few similar projects (in size/layout etc.) that are not running anywhere near this slow.

I’m not at liberty to try this file on another computer, as I very intentionally am restricting my license to this one machine to avoid going anywhere near a dongle!

Generally speaking I’m simultaneously running Dorico with Microsoft Word and Transcribe! with various helpers running in the background (Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Harvest time tracker, Logitech Gaming software, iDrive backup) but the behaviour of this file stubbornly remains the same, even when I’ve quit all the helpers and shut all other apps.

Any ideas?

By all means email me the project, Leo, and we’ll take a look. My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Having serious slow down issues too. Grinds to a complete halt with the spinning pinwheel.

I had performance problems (on my MacBook Pro 2015, 16GB, 512GB SSD or PC w. AMD Ryzen TR 1920X, 32GB, 512GB SSD) with a quite large score (ca 60 systems, 250 pages and 32 flows) as well. And for me is currently the best solution to export all flows into individual files and do all the editing and review on the smaller ones. Later is my plan to recombine everything into a single file.

Taniyo, Felix, it’s always useful for us to see the specific projects you’re working on, as only by examining the actual projects can we determine what’s going on. Please open the projects, do some operations that are slow, then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send both the resulting zip file from the desktop and the project itself to me by email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. If you’re on Mac, please also send an Apple System Report (from the Apple menu, in About This Mac) so we can see what the spec of your system is.