eye-friendly voice colours and visibility/legibility/readability

Dear users and developers,

I usually switch off the voice colours, but this January I work often with voice colours, and I feel the “green” reduces readability.

Thus, I have googled and found the following webpages:

According to the pages above, green colour on a white background has poor contrast.
I assume this could be the reason why I have problems with working with voice colours.

pianoleo beautifully and synoptically summarised the voice colours as follows:
For me Nos. 3, 6, 8 and 13 are very uncomfortable.
How about the relationships between voice colour and readability?
Which colours are eye-friendly for you?

Could the voice colours be redesigned for visibility/legibility/readability (I am not sure which term is the best here)?

Using colors to convey meaning is a problem in general, as there are many people with different kinds of visual impairments (red green color blindness being the most well-known of them). This definitely deserves some more consideration, and I assume it will be considered in the order of priorities.