EZ drummer 2 midi in

Hi guys,

I use Cubase 7 and EZdrummer 2.
It works pretty well when I use Ezdrummer’s loops but what I want is to connect my keyboard to Cubase and control EZdrummer 2 trough it.

Couldn’t find any midi track input, what do I miss here?

Thanks all,


Hi and welcome,

Add an Instrument track. The Input of this Instrument track is routed directly to the VST Instrument (EZDrummer in your case).

You didn’t list system or hardware specs so I am assuming you mean a midi keyboard connected to a PC (Windows) computer through a USB connection…

If no… Then these instructions might not apply.
If yes…

-Connect and make sure your PC recognizes the USB keyboard before starting Cubase.
-Start Cubase. It will automatically detect the keyboard.
-Turn on the keyboard and make sure it is set to send midi. You might have to press a button or a series of keys on your keyboard to set this. This procedure would be in your keyboard op manual.
-Add an instrument track, choose “All midi inputs” and choose ezdrummer2 as the vst instrument.

You should be all set.

Regards. :sunglasses: