EZ Drummer in Cubase/reaper

I know its not a reaper forum so ignore that part if you like. The essential question is about EZ drummer really. Is there a way to match the drums from EZ drums to an existing guitar and vocal track. For example I record the vocal and rhythm guitar on the interface (zoom R8) to the existing drum machine the zoom has. Lets say the R8 drums are tempo 87. However the drums don’t sound realistic enough. So I master the vocal and guitar and then interface it as a wav file onto a track in the Cubase. And I will build the song on the DAW from this point. But now I need to programme the drums to match the guitar in tempo. I cant seem to work out how to do that. I don’t want to sing direct into the Cubase/DAW software as I like the sound the zoom R8 creates for the vocal/rhythm track. So you can you somehow align the EZ drummer tempo in this way? Cheers

Well you certainly make things difficult for yourself. Anyway surely you can just use the same tempo in Cubase as on the R8? I do this with files sent to me from other people and they always line up. An old way I did it years ago was on the recordings on the R8 (mine was a much older machine) was to record a click to all audio channels at the beginning. Then line up in Cubase. I do think you are using a very odd and difficult way to do this though instead of just using the drums in ezdrummer and recording directly into Cubase.

Thanks for response mkok I will try your suggestions. I am finding this DAW soft ware stuff excessively complicated. And you seem to have to be an IT expert as well as a muso these days! The IT stuff drives me nuts. Hence I would prefer to use a multi track and a drum machine that is a realistic one that I could attach to the R8. This in fact is one of my next possible moves. And simply use the DAW as a final mastering endeavour before uploading to SoundCloud etc. Any way once again thank for the response. Cheers

Hi. I know it can be hard but it’s not really new as Cubase has been out for decades now. Once you do get used to Cubase it will make life a lot easier rather than using antiquated ways of working. I have a friend who did the same for years avoiding using a DAW. As soon as he started and got used to it we could work together. I do hope you get into it. Most things these days require a bit of tech knowledge. It’s best to learn this rather than hide from it.

Thanks for advice mkok I think you are spot on here. I sat there last night for a few hours trying to sync the drums to the vocals. And I thought “Why am I doing this?” Frankly I don’t have time to waste either. Causing myself extra work because I’m approaching it wrong. Now I am excited at the possibilities. I realise this equipment gives us the similar tools that bands years ago could only access by going into a studio. I will switch over to the Reaper user forum now as I am going to stick with this to start with. Perhaps latter I will migrate onto Cubase. Cheers

Glad to hear :slightly_smiling_face: Use whatever is best for you to start with. It is incredible what can be done at home these days. The same not that many years ago would have cost tens of thousands. Good luck.