EZ Drummer in Cubase sx3

Hi everyone!

I have just bought EZ Drummer to use in Cubase sx3. I managed to do the hard bit - install the program, move the dll files to the correct location, add EZdrummer as a VST instrument but I can’t hear anything!
When I add a midi track and drag and drop my groove onto it I can see it and I know cubase can see it as when I hit play the MIDI In meter jumps in time to the beat but there is no sound coming out! I think I need to route my output sound somehow but have no idea how. I have played around with everything. I have my input set to ‘All Midi Inputs’ and output set to ‘EZ Drummer’ but am at a loss. Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks


Yep I can hear EZ Drummer on its own OK. After I have dragged and dropped my groove pattern onto a Cubase midi track it will play back, just not so its audible. I have tried changing my output to Cubase’s built in drum machine (the LM-7) and I can hear my pattern then but I want to hear it through EZ Drummer. Do I need to go to my PC audio set up and set EZ Drummer as my listening device or something?

thanks i’ll look into all that!

To simplify your connections, you may also want to see if it works as a simple Instrument Track, as opposed to the MIDI channels/Instrument rack configuration.