EZ Drummer loops

I am new to Cubase Artist, but a long time user of Cubase LE, and I have noticed something that is annoying when I add loops from EZ Drummer. When I add a loop (drag & drop) to the EZ Drummer VST track, the file name is the same as the track (if it’s called EZ Drummer 01, the loop will have this name on it) and a duplicate MIDI track is added at the bottom, which has the name of the loop. If I add another one after it on the EZ Drummer track, another duplicate MIDI track is made, also with the loop’s name.

My goal is to have it work the way it did when I used EZ Drummer VST track in Cubase LE. What would happen is that I would add a VST track, with EZ Drummer as the VST. Then I could drag & drop a loop onto the EZ Drummer track. Each loop would display the loop’s name while in the track. No duplicate MIDI tracks appear ever.

I can quickly see how it’s working now in Artist will get messy: redundant MIDI tracks I don’t need, while the loops I DO need won’t have the original loop names (handy for re-editing later: each loop has a “code” that tells you from where in the EZ Drummer loop libraries it came).

I don’t see that this would be relevant, but I am running Cubase Artist 6.5 on a MacBook Pro (late 2011) using Mac OS 10.7.5.

Any assistance to change this would be appreciated. Thanks!

Try this:
Go to File > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File
Uncheck “Auto Dissolve Format 0” under Import Options

It worked!
My path was slightly different:
Cubase Artist menu>Preferences>MIDI File
but I figured it out.

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of what this function is?

Thanks! :smiley: