EZ Drummer VST Help Please Part II

Hey folks quick question.
Is there a global velocity(volume) setting I can use to raise the velocity(volume) of the drums in this
Not the knob in the EZ Drummer, I mean a global setting in C7.

I’d like more volume in my drums but they just don’t cut through the mix as well as I would like sometimes.
Thanks Peace.

Well, this has really nothing to do with Cubase 7 specifically, but…

What most people do, is make sure you route each different drumkit piece to its own output and link that output to Cubase. Then you have full control over what you do with the individual drumkit pieces. Like compress, EQ, gate, etc etc.

And I think that last part is where your problem is (and mine too, way too often!).

  • Try to listen where your drums don’t cut through. Try to see if there are tracks playing that are in the same spot as the drums. That way you can maybe EQ either one of them to give the other more room.
  • Compress differently, play with attacks and releases.

Stuff like that will help you immensely!

And an additional tip: play with reverbs… sometimes a different reverb on just the snare can help your drumkit cut through the rest of the mix.

You could try using a transient designer to help them cut through, a side chain to give them room to breathe, use a frequency analyser to look for frequency clashes with other instruments and then cut/boost frequencies accordingly and you could also a multi band compressor as well. There’s quite a few tutorials from people like waves, other software houses and many many producers/users up on youtube that are always worth checking out for fresh ideas and dusting the old cobwebs away :slight_smile: