EZ Drummer VST Help Please

Hello, if anyone can give me some basic info here or advice etc…I would be very grateful.

  1. Why when I drag and drop a midi file to the midi track lane does a new track get formed underneath? These seem redundant and have a track name of the midi file I selected. I don’t know what they’re for and I don’t want them there.
  2. When I route the various EZ drum mics from the EZ mixer to my mixer why are the different mic labels not being transferred to my mixer? ie kick 1 tom hi hat etc…I thought those would carry over automatically.
  3. How do I set up a new Drum map where the EZ drummer midi notes substitute for GM Drum Map? I went in to create new Drum Map, fiddled around, I can’t get it…what am I missing?

For #1, check your preferences for MIDI -> MIDI File -> Auto Dissolve Format 0. If it is checked, un-check it.

Can’t help right now on 2 & 3. I guess I’m supposed to be working :slight_smile: .

Thanks Scab, I’ll check that out.

  1. What exactly are you trying to do, and how are you going about it? If you are trying to run EZdrummer as a multi-out VSTi, are you sure AI 6 has the ability to do that? I’m not 100% sure, but I think you might be limited to running it as a single stereo out on an instrument track.

Are you waiting for an answer to #3?

“What a long, strange trip it’s been …”


Yeah I’ve been waiting for an answer to No. 3 for along time!!
No seriously that first thing you said about the preferences solved that problem.
Yes, long strange trip. I just upgraded to Cubase 7. Now the trip is real strange. Too strange maybe!
Thanks. Your initial post solved the problem. Sorry I never got back with you.
This thread is like a piece of bread with blue and green hair.

I’m happy to see you have a sense of humor :slight_smile: .

My “long, strange trip” comment was as much about me as it was about you. I’m glad you didn’t take it personally.

It looks like you have added a significant amount of gear to your setup since you last visited. Good luck with Cubase 7. I’m having a love/hate relationship with it.

Are you still trying to figure out the drum map thing?

Glad I found this… Thanks from me too.