EZ Drummer2 where does the dll go?

Can’t seem to get EZ Drummer2 going in Cubase Artist 8. Can anyone help me with where the dll should be located?

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, I don’t know the exact folder. Very often the folder is displayed while installation. Try to install the product again and observe if the folder is displayed.

Very often it’s like App Data/Roaming/Plug-in developer/; sometimes it’s in the shared folder (all users can use the plug-on then); sometimes VST folder is created. Also be aware about VST3 folders (I don’t know, if Drummer 2 is VST3 already).

Alternatively, if you know where the dll is then you can just point cubase to it by adding the path.

See if the instructions I list in the link helps. Always list your computer and software specs to get the best assist.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I normally keep a separate drive for plugins only , create a folder VST Plugins n when installing Cubase or EZ , route the plug in there then, add the path to the X ( Drive ) VST Plugins folder , and update the plugins from the drop down menu Plugins. will probably make the PC run faster , as Drive OS C , will run the OS only … just the way i do it , i could be wrong … even some VST/ VSTi , u just drop the Dll into the folder … ws