ez revolutionary drum software..what!!

Ok Ezdrummer is gonna be a lot better than it is now but it aint no revolution, they’re still way behind Jamstix when it comes to song building a drum track and after watching a badly shot promotional video of it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AArgiZAC3IM it seems like they’re trying to catch up… yeah the drum sounds are much better in ezdrummer IMHO but revolutionary, I think not, they haven’t introduced anything Jamstix hasn’t been doing for yonks.

it’s revolutionary for Toontrack I s’pose…


Thanks for the info,

I like the video presentation looks like an advanced version from the basic one I got for free with my Korg synth. I use it sometimes for drum tracks ideas for songs. Nice software but electronic drum sounds are my thing therefore I sometimes carefully mix both or use it with an electronic kit. I’ve never used jamstix but from what your saying they’re a step ahead. Groove Agent SE 4 is also very cool. I use triebwrek loops and sounds a lot.

Cheers :smiley:

No problem…Jamstix is a bit difficult to get your head around but quite brilliant in the song building department,