EZDrummer - 10% on Core i7 6th ram?

Given my brand new PC specs (below) is ten percent, whilst using EZdrummer on the CPU meter abnormal?

I’m really concerned with general CPU usage on vst instruments. I had a 4 yr old core 2 duo 6600 with 2gb ram and I’m not seeing any hike in performance with my new system. Is that due to using 64bit cubase?

i think your pc have some problems i read other post from you & you have probem with some “light” vsti (even halion one !!) :confused:
is your ez drummer last version & x64 too ?

I’ve got 64bit version installed now and it has made a small difference. The problem remains of Halion one sounds taking up too much CPU for a system like this.

i’ve made a test with a "old amd 64x2 (5800 i think) with 8go ram (old pc 3/4 years) & i’m always between 0 & 1 (more proach to 0) on the cubase cpu meter !

what sample rate and buffer depth are you using for your audio interface?