EZDrummer 2 and Dorico 4

EZDrummer 2 doesn’t show up in my PlugIn section in Dorico 4. Anyone has the same problem?
It shows up in Logic and it shows up in Dorico 3.5

Maybe with ‘white-listing’ - but I can’t find this option in Dorico 4 anymore…

I tried this, but it didn’t help:

I tried to change the whitelist within the original Dorico-App-Component Folder: Dorico crashed completely and I had to re-install it

If you are on a Mac with the M1 chip, both programs have to run in Rosetta or run natively.

An example, I have Dorico Pro 4 and Noteperformer. I am running Dorico Pro 4 natively, and since Noteperformer isn’t native yet, Noterperformer does not show up and cannot be used.


Ok…thanx Robby. I upgraded to EZDrummer 3 - problem solved :man_shrugging:t2:

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