EZDrummer and Cubase 6

Maybe this is due to my ignorance but here goes. I lay down a drum track in Cubase using the drop and drag feature from EZDrummer. I open up the mixer and EZDrummer shows up but there is no gain control and the slider has no effect on the volume of the drum track. What am I doing wrong.

Windows 7, i510 @ 4g, 8g of memory, Cubase 6 64 bit :question:

Are you dragging the MIDI groove to an existing Instrument track or just dropping it into the project window? IIRC, just dragging the groove from EZD will create a MIDI track, which you’d need to assign to an Instrument track for the EZD. If you have a MIDI track, it will appear in the mixer, but you need an Instrument track to hear the output from the VSTi.

Hope that helps.


hi i have another problem i can’t find EZDrummer in my VSTi i have the cubase 6 64bit installed on Win7 can some body help please tnx