Ezdrummer in Cubase 10

In earlier versions of this great DAW I could have every drum, hihat, toms, ect on each of their tracks and apply FX’s on each track in Cubase. I think this is possible with this new 10 version aswell. But how do I do it.?
I just bought the Ezdrummer 2, and thougth that everything would be like it used to be…
All I want, is the easiest way to work with new compositions. Hope you can help me, thanks.
Best regards, Thomas

Hello, welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure I understand your question. The point of EZ drummer, if I understood the BERNTH demo correctly, is that it’s all the drums on one track so it’s EZ.

But here is a previous thread on the subject, if you want the separate drums going to separate Cubase tracks like a miced drums.

I’m not in front of my computer but you just go to the plugin on the right panel (you may need to open that ) and I think it is top right click on an arrow or tab (sorry I can’t remember without seeing it) and click enable all channels or as many as you want. Just google enable outputs on ezdrummer and it comes up loads of times

First step is to assign each drum/mic to it’s own output channel in EZdrummer. I use Superior Drummer where you can do this easily via the SD mixer page. I assume it’s much the same in EZ.

Then you’ll have to set up multiple outputs for the EZdrummer instrument within Cubase. This can be done by finding EZdrummer in the instrument rack (F11 on my system), selecting the output icon and activating the required number of outputs.

Thanks alot for your responses. I figured out what to do :slight_smile: