EzDrummer not choking in CuBase 7.5

I have EzDrummer 2 connected to a Roland TD-6V kit. When I run EzDrummer outside of CuBase using Toontrack Solo to host it, I can choke the cymbals no problem. As soon as I run EzDrummer inside CuBase, everything works except cymbal choke.

I’ve run Midi-Ox and it show Aftertouch events when I choke the cymbals. When inside CuBase, when I record the midi going into the EzDrummer track it shows “Poly Pressure” events, which I’m going to assume are just different terms for the same thing, rather than a subtle translation. So it appears the track is seeing the events, but EzDrummer isn’t responding to it.

Is there some sort of midi filter going off on a VST instrument track that might be stopping the aftertouch information getting into EzDrummer?

Having dug a little more I’ve discovered Aftertouch and PolyPressure aren’t exactly the same thing.

I tried an instrument I knew DID work with aftertouch and that shows in the list editor as Aftertouch. Having checked both against Midi Ox it seems Key Aftertouch is Poly Pressure in CuBase List and Channel Aftertouch is Aftertouch in CuBase list. So it looks like Channel Aftertouch is getting through to the instrument, but Key Aftertouch is not.

Anyone know how to change that?