EZDrummer (or any other manually added VST Instrument) not showing in Mixer

I have successfully added EZDrummer 2 as a VST instrument into Dorico 2 Pro (using the Whitelist process). It is working ok, and I have assigned drums from the drumkit in my project to it, which are playing correctly. I’ve also managed add a snare sidestick playing technique for it in Dorico - which is responding properly.

However, there is no channel showing in the mixer for it. I’ve configured EZDrummer with both a standard stereo output, and with multiple outputs, but neither produce anything showing in the mixer

You’ve probably done this already, but did you check the tabs at the top of the mixer? Is the instruments tab hi lighted?

Yes it is - Halion Sonic SE is showing fine (16 channels).

When you have that project with EZDrummer loaded, could you please execute Help > Create Diagnostics Report ?
That will create a zip file on your desktop, please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

Maybe related to the same issue, The Grand 3 is not showing up in my mixer.

Same here. Kontakt is not showing in my mixer. Only Halion channels are showing.

Kontakt not showing in mixer for me as well with everything I am supposed to select selected. Also the mixer is sluggish as heck. I will search on the forum but right now it is a bitch to set levels on which I am sure they know already. Need a spread sheet option to just fill these in. Love Dorico.

Dear all, this turns out to be a bug in Dorico 2.1. It does not matter what VST Instrument you add to a project, the Dorico mixer page does not reflect the addition of that instrument. The audio engine instantiates the instrument and it does play, but then there is no fader or other controls for it on the mixer page.

In Dorico 2.0 this still used to work, but now with the 2.1 update this got broken somehow. I’ve filed this in our bug tracking system and we will work on this asap, as there is no real workaround other than controlling the sound level from the plug-in side, which is really inconvenient.

Thank you, Ulf, for all your work on this. Will look forward to the update in due course.