Ezdrummer Recording Audio Out Separate Track


I have trouble with Cubase Elements 11. Ez drummer not recording in separate audio track.
Maybe you have any ideas how to record 16 output to Cubase?
In Reaper its just one click!

Did you activated these outputs already?

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Maybe you can help me to resolve this issue, friends?
I need record 16 output from each Ez drummer track.
Kick, snare,hh and… others.
Thanks for your support!

Again, did you activated the outputs?

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Yes I activated All Outputs in Ez drummer settings.

Just check this out and you will get how to do it.

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Did you activate them in Cubase as well?

Thanks for video, don’t help unfortunately. Cannot make routing, which is present in the video.
Maybe Cubase LE ELEMENTS don’t support this function?

hit F11 to get to instruments rack. In the EZdrummer in the middle right somewhere if you click you’ll find a “activate outputs” prompt.

I normally use Cubase 11 Pro but i installed Cubase LE 11 to test and i also installed EZ2 and it works like a charm.

So what routing problems do you have ?

Is it in EZ2 or Cubase ?

The video i posted a few days back explains it correctly. Take it slow and easy and you will get it.