EZdrummer track remembers its old location

Help please!
I am using Cubase 7.5 with EZdrummer plugin.
I have a short song with several midi tracks and a track that I recorded on EZdrummer plugin and drag/dropped.
I decided I wanted more intro, so I selected ALL and moved all tracks 10 bars to the right.

All the midi tracks play at their new positions, except EZDrummer, which plays where it was originally, and at its new position, so it’s totally out of sync. It is in fact playing in those first ten empty bars where there is no data shown on the track.
I tried duplicating the EZdrummer track and moving things again, but the same thing happened. I saved and reopened, but this issue remains.

Is there some trick to moving part of an EZdrummer track to a new location? It’s not something I’ve had an issue with before.

so I solved the problem by copying the clip and pasting into a new EZdrummer track (instead of duplicating the track).
still not clear on what was going on. anyone with insight?

That’s a weird one. I never had that issue in the CB7 or CB8 series. And I do it quite often.

Just wondering if this was a “project specific” issue?

Regardless, glad you figured it out

Regards :sunglasses: