EZDrummer v1


Could somebody help with an issue I have. I’m using Cubase Elements v7 with EZDrummer. Everything loads fine, sounds play etc, however, when I go into a drum part that I selected in EZDrummer and inserted into Cubase to alter volumes, eg a bass drum to get a more consistent volume and feel, it plays back erratically in that the volumes and feel jump around. Even if I delete the midi note for the bass drum, and copy a part from the same bar so I can have consistent volumes, the volume and expression of the parts are different and very noticeable in the music. I have tried everything but cannot get a consistent volume and feel across a midi part.

Any help or advice much appreciated.


I can only suggest to check the CC data at the bottom of the key editor. Unusual with drums but it could be some hi hat data depending on how you have it set up.