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Had friends over a couple of days ago to jam we wrote & recorded three tunes. Jon Von Boehm, the bassist and I wrote this one while there. Recorded drums on my new set of Pearl E-Drums…still trying to tweak the triggering and cymbal responses. Recorded midi from Pearl Red box module and triggered BFD Jazz and Funk set with them. Still a work in progress.

Jon Von Boehm; Bass, Matt Berry; Guitar, Robert Harsen; Drums



i like your bass player !! :wink:

Did you record and mix all of this via Cubase ?? You are way ahead of me dude !! Sounds great and i really like the song.

‘Fabulous and Fantastic’ right? :sunglasses:

I’ll just save time and say I thought everything was superb except for two things; the guitar solo had a little bit too much reverb (the notes and playing are great) and I didn’t like the small section at 6:04, I just thought it sounded too abrupt and alien to the laidback mood. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s performance and everything about the track. Though I will add that I really loved the sound of the funk parts of the guitar.

yes agree. love the jam ,serious keyboards love the Miles Davis type chromatic chord movements mixed in there as well,guitar sounds lovely great playing ,there was just one thing i noticed ,is there a problem with the drums being out of sync and lagging behind or in front or something cause it`s making the rhythm guitar sound out of time, i once had that problem when i was using a usb interface and to correct it i had to perform a loop back test ,to see how many sample it was out by .

clever stuff as per usual from you but there is a timing issue popping out here and there but you do say it’s a work in progress…agree with jonathan about the part at 6.04…Kevin

Those damn Nashville musicians are too good. Agree’d with all the previous comments about some weird timing thing going on at one point. Other than that very good and that bass player is killing it. What are ludwig e-drums? Do they make an electric kit?

Brilliant composition and brilliant musicians. I don’t know much about jazz and jazz composition, do you write it note for note or do you improvise on a tune? I liked listening to it because the jazz chords you played sounds so interesting! Michael.

Thanks! All in Cubase 7 but I don’t really use Cubase plugs. Mostly on this is UAD stuff and some of the Curve EQ on Master channel.

Thanks Jonathan, Might be right about that section, I sorta liked it and it was fun to play. The guitar verb on solo was to create a ambient sort of Metheny type sound. Not sure but the guitarist likes that and I believe it was done via a pedal but not sure and I will check.

Haha! They are Pearl E-Drums not Ludwig - this is Ray Massey doing a demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOX5Gr4WJ90 for Pearl. They are sort of like the Alesis kit but are a real set of drums, They play just like a real kit but trigger. I used BFD samples. We were having some issues with hi hat and Robert will probably recut his part at his house if we decide to complete this. He has a great set of Gretch Drms and AKG mics w/ presonus mixer.

Thanks so much, glad you liked this. The song is recorded live the only overdub was the guitar solo. Jon (bass player) started playing a lick and the rest was written via chord chord changes along the way. It’s total improvisation nothing was on paper. I write with another Bass player this way and sometimes we will play for 10 minutes and I will edit out 1/2 of it :slight_smile: This one is a live take started w/a road map and some pretty good players and beer

Jon used an ebow on his bass for the breakdown part and what you hear is what he played. We try getting together when everyone is in town

The recording is superb, easily the best I’ve heard in my afternoon listening session here. Good job.

The song is a nice composition for an improv – kudo’s. The problem, however, is that in the section(s) prior to the guitar solo, the timing is ALL OVER the place. I suppose that’s to be expected when attempting something new. The hat often feels off (although it may be the other instruments that make it seem that way). Interestingly, by the time that the guitar solo gets underway, things start sounding MUCH more togther.

I didn’t mind the verb of the guitar solo at all. Nice player.

Having said all this… there’s one thing that I ABHOR about this otherwise fine piece. Wait for it… THE SNARE. :laughing: If you’ve spent any time around here, you know there’s a few of us that take great pleasure in totally trashing each other’s choice of snare samples. This thing just does not work – FOR ME. I want something that actually SOUNDS like a snare, you know :laughing: