F key octaba for a bass line

When you have F key and you put a F key octaba, notes have to rise up of an octave …
But Dorico leaves notes with the same octave, so they are false …

see here

Cubase makes this correctly, not sibelius, but on sibelius you can modify the transpositions, so you have correct score. On Dorico you can’t …

I would add, if you transpose by transposition in writing menu, ti’s transpose also the sound …

Clefs don’t perform any kind of transposition in Dorico: instruments transpose, but clefs do not. This is something that many musicians debate, of course. I expect we will provide a number of further options in this area in future.

I take a look on xml files (for windows) : \program File\steinberg\dorico\instruments.xml and \program File\steinberg\dorico\instrumentFamiliesDefinitions.xml

I made a saving of this file and i modify it

I create sousaphone.c (parent is sousaphone.bflat) and modifiy sousaphone.bflat, i put correct octave transposition, clef.bass etc …
you take instrument.brass.bass.bflat definition, you duplicate this and you modify definition, etc …

 *       <entityID>instrument.brass.sousaphone.c</entityID>
 *       <parentEntityID>instrument.brass.sousaphone.bflat</parentEntityID>
          <clefIDsForEachStave array="true">
*          <concertOctaveTransposition>1</concertOctaveTransposition>
*          <transposedChromaticTransposition>14</transposedChromaticTransposition>
*          <transposedDiatonicTransposition>8</transposedDiatonicTransposition>
*          <showTransposition>kFollowOptions</showTransposition>

i modify line with the (*)

Now it’s going very well … but it’s only a workaround …
I now i must be carefull with such update of xml file (i’m programmer) and the next release will destroy all of this !!!
And if you have already used dorico and changed default instrument name, is more complicated, you have to re-install dorico, and immediatly modify the xml file for having instruments parameters as you want

I see error at the original xml file on sousaphone definition, transposition are all on Zero.

Thanks for the tip to fiddle with the instruments.xml file! :laughing: … looks as if I might be able to complete my new piano piece in Dorico after all (at least I’m optimistic now… :slight_smile: )