F/R: Editable numeric values for Bezier Curve Automation on Info Line

Now that we have Bezier Curves on automation, there is a piece missing: we should be able to edit that point on the Info Line. As we can with the automation points themselves.

My -guess- is that this would require two inputs:

  1. The Relative Position from the start of the automation point.
  2. The Depth (the angle of the curve)

I understand that this may seem a bit ‘in the weeds’, but I use those numeric values -all- the time as a way to A/B various changes. I do -not- ‘eyeball’ it because often I’ll go back and forth several times on a particular change before I decide which version of a change works best.


The MIDI CC curves is implemented the very same way, as the track automation. In the track automation, we cannot type the values of the curve node neither.

But I agree with you, it would be nice to have the option.

The parameters are simple, I would say: x, y position.

Although I agree that dx/dy would be more ’ mathematically’ accurate, I put it in terms of ‘gain change’ and ‘position’ simply because I think it would be more intuitive for musicians–it kinda feels more like how one uses a compressor as opposed to a graphing exercise. YMMV. :slight_smile:

Not being able to enter values for Bézier curves is precisely why I do not use them. I find it more productive to draw a regular multi-point curve which allows me to edit it in small numeric increments. Dragging the mid-point for a Bézier curve is too inaccurate, it also does not allow one to remember the position of the point in terms of values. In its current state, the shaping of Bézier curves is “more or less,” and that is not precise enough for some workflows and scenarios.