F.R. horizontal alignement of Playing techniques

in electric guitar transcriptions it is sometimes necessary to notate the picking pattern.
The up and down bow symbols are used for that.
It would be very useful to have a mean to give them a position relative to the staff instead relative to the noteHead as per today.
see examples

Thank you

Provided these are the only playing techniques you plan to use, you can set the ‘Minimum distance above staff’ option on the Playing Techniques page of Engraving Options to e.g. 4 spaces.

Lillie’s pointed out to me that this won’t work because Dorico always adds the gap value on to the notehead or the staff, whichever is the greater, so it won’t produce a consistent vertical position for notes that poke outside the staff. Unfortunately there’s therefore no option but to nudge them in Engrave mode.

One possible work around is to select all the up bow / down bow symbols and group them together using the context menu. They will be now aligned but connected with an arrow, but you can turn that off in Engrave mode by setting the line style property to ‘None’. You can then position all of them together using the Group y offset property.

Hey András
this is so cool
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