F u k u s h i m a

[Edited the title line 11/03/2012]


been away a while.

Compassion…and catharsis.

F u k u s h i m a

Best wishes to you all!


Jet, that was fabulous :sunglasses:
Sorry state of affairs out there just now but the Japanese people are so resilient, they’ll turn it around :sunglasses:


Beautiful, Jet.

What an incredible sound you have Jet. Love the introspective and the subtle chromaticism of the “outro” especially. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I like the sounds too. I like the way some of the double tracked guitars sound almost mono and then there is a slight variation and they split wide. :sunglasses: At least that’s what I think is happening. :question:


Very nice Jet! Like that piana stuff at the end. Have we heard an instrumental from you before? :question:


Sounds great, Jet!

The last part with the piano reminded me of Japan/David Sylvian. Very nice! :sunglasses:

Well done Jet, I can really feel it.


Respect :sunglasses:

yeh great sound ,could hear jeff beck doing this.

Sounds great

Really got the right energy, right kinda flow… Not too bad at all. :exclamation:

Hello All,

thanks for the listens and very kind comments. If-a you like-a it, me happy.

This is one of those projects that began with hitting the red button
and having no idea what I wanted to do or where it would go, if anywhere at all.
I knew I wanted to express a truckload of feelings—about the disaster in Japan
as well as other things. I had the opening (as it turned out to be)
synth line in my head, nothing else.

I did not notice at the time, and it struck me only upon rendering the final mix,
that my drums were, more or less, those from Led Zep’s When The Levy Breaks.
I laughed out loud when I suddenly realised just how apt they were.

And it must have been that unconscious familiarity that set the tone and
scope of the electric guitars, for I found myself wanting to come up with riffs
and lines that would sound ever-so Page-esque. As Popo is want to say after
seeing the DVD It Might Get Loud, “Go Jimmy!” (in a Scot’s accent no less).

Where the piano came from I have no idea. It simply appeared. And, in the end,
I think, seems to sit OK with all that comes before it.

The track is all sort of loop-ish/cut-n-paste, but that’s intentional, and was
the method I used to construct the project.

I ran the final mix to tape through my Liquid Mix EQ emu of the TG unit = schweet shircuitry.

The mix project is not particularly loud, but fed into the Otari 2-track and hitting the
reds there more than sufficiently, it comes back at around -11 dB. So I’ve simply
strapped a limiter on it at 0.03 dB, no compression or anything else. I’ve also
left the bottom end very much intact, as you can see if you put an analyzer
on the download.

Guitars: my '62 Ibanez lap steel, original pick-up, thru Vox ToneLab.
Bass: my J&D Luthiers bog-standard thing, but new Infeld strings. Nice!
Drums: a mix of various samples from my Roland library, all finger hits, not sequenced. Liquid Mix emu of Fairchild on the cymbals!
Keys: Roland XP-50, XV-2020 and Korg M3.

Thanks again for the listens.

Life is great. Make sure you live it.

Jet :sunglasses:

bumping this up for

a) All the reasons behind it
b) It’s a great song

c) I had to have my weekly fix of Jet’s lap steel :slight_smile:

One year. What have we learned?

However bad it seems,… Life will carry on. The World never stops spinning, even if it slows just for a moment. There’s always a tomorrow and another one after that. It would seem that complacency and sweeping things under the carpet are a part of human nature. Its all so easy to forget and put things to the back your mind. And then just carry on with your life.

Well said, and some things are best expressed in tributes like Jet’s
Great track I hear all the emotions expressed. Drums are perfect, guitar bass and keys sound killer…the thin sounding piano at end fits so well, not familiar w/the keyboard but If you did put eq on it the air is perfect. Impressive indeed!

Love this stuff … make up your own images!!!
It’s also sounds airy and … just way cool! :sunglasses:

Way Cool +1