F12-Audio performance stuttering

I have loaded a project with aproximately 40 stereotracks, When fastforward or backward the performancemeter hits the ceiling on the DISKREAD and the track or tracks stutters and will take some time to play back as they should…
I have tried different latency and activated Steinberg audio power scheme but that does not help…

This thing did not happened in N8…

Anyone have some suggests?

Micke S.

Check your computer. It seems that your discs are not able to provide the data on the discs fast enough to Nuendo.
Check for missing plugins and/or missing files in the project.


Which performance, Disc or CPU?
Have you tried increasing the buffer size to 256 or 512?

Hi, there is no plugins in the project yet. Its the DISCread that overloads…yes I have tried to raise the buffersize. And… this behavior occurs in Nuendo 8 also…
Micke S.