"F2"- Transport panel - no metronome option in Cubse10/Windows10 combination

There is no metronome option vailable on the new “floating transport panel” (not configurable in panel options) in Cubase10 on Windows 10.

  • seem to be working in Cubase 10 on Mac computers (Greg Ondo, last Cubase hangout 12/2018)

And this new “one row design” is absolutely impractical.

Now, I understand, why other users didn’t like it. Because it covers a lot of screenspace (now horizontally) and does not fit at all (much too long horizontally).

  • disabled “option by option”, until it fits on my screen, but now it hasn’t got what I need on it anymore and got useless
  • with 3 monitors, its a long way to the buttons on main transport bar with the mouse sometimes. With the second “floating panel” I could work “far away” from the main one easily.

Not a good solution!
Please let us configure 1 or 2 rows and all old options(including the missing metronome in Windows 10)

The missing metronome option was fixed with current 10.0.10 maintenance update. Thank you Steinberg!

The one lane design of the transport panel…
I am using the F2- panel as well and admit, the old one with its 2 lanes was much more practical. At the moment I am always switching options “on” and “off” depending on what I am actually doing.

My vote for 2 lanes !

  • maybe configurable 1 or 2 lanes?!