F3 Key Function - Mixer View - Crashes Nuendo...

I have been getting random crashes when I select my F3 function key to bring up my mixer. Not even the standard “error…you must close this program” message but simply in a blink the entire Nuendo program is simply gone. Just from selecting to view the mixer!

This is random. Most times it works as it should…then BLINK! Gone. I have to hit the save button before every time I want to view the mixer. This is unacceptable.

Anyone besides me having this issue?

I’ve not tested yet but this is maybe related to this issue described by several users in the Cubase section:


  1. Create new empty project
  2. Open MixConsole
  3. Insert e.g. UV22HR (or any other plugin, doesn’t matter) into insert slot
  4. Select the insert slot with mouse (slot cell is outlined red)
  5. Close Mixer with F3
    → Result = crash


Oooh! Thank you! Yes! When the random crash happens it is when I use my mouse, then use my keyboard to close the mixer view.

There is some correlation here. I have not had a crash using my mouse, but only using mouse AND THEN keyboard in the mixer.

I am going to try some different workflows, until Steinberg can confirm there is something to this and of any fixes in the NEAR future.

Thank you for your illuminating post Bernard!

yeah some of my F keys just don’t work. So till I find out what it is I’m just selecting with the mouse.All was good in 5.5.