F3 STILL Crashing with new Update

I see that a moderator closed what appeared to be the only thread about this crash. Not sure why.

I updated to 8.05 over the weekend. Opened a project and BAM! Instant crash.

I can NOT rely on C8 at all.

Before this thread gets closed by a moderator with a scolding of “Search the Forums” (which I did) please maybe post a link along with the spanking so others can follow the ‘correct’ thread about this.

This is VERY VERY frustrating and I would be curious to know if Steiny knows about this and is doing anything about this. The ONLY mention I saw was that someone had an eventide plug in issue. I own and use ZIP, Zero, ZILCH eventide stuff. So where does that leave me?

Who else is having crashes when you open the mixer?? (I shake my head as I type those words, an audio program that crashes when you use audio things, sigh~)



this is the officially filed thread:

(BTW, Steve linked it: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=70476#p426332).


This one will probably be closed by the moderator, I’ve seen a few now.

On my system, it was definitely the Eventide plugins that were causing this. Probably also NI Replika, but that one was updated last week, and doesn’t crash it anymore.
For now, I disabled Eventide H3000 Factory, Ultrareverb, Ultrachannel, 2016 Stereo Room, and at least F3 doesn’t crash Cubase anymore. Still have plenty of other random crashes though, even at very low system utilization.

The other strange thing about F3 is that if I went through the menu-bar (yeah, that tagged-on thing where the title-bar should be) and selected the option to show the mixer, I never had that crash…



Ah, never would have looked in “Collected Issues” folder.

Want a dump file? I can send them if you need them.

I do run a LOT of Steven Slate plug ins, fyi.

Thanks for offering the crash dumps. The crash has been reproduced in-house and the fix is in beta already, so no need at the moment. I’ll keep that in mind in case we need to re-open the issue (and I hope this is NOT the case).

This is most excellent news!
Thanks for the update. I’ll be eagerly awaiting 8.10 as I use 7.5


Good news. Please make sure to test the F3 behaviour with the Eventide H3000 Factory plugin as well, if you can.

Good news.

Umm, why was the other thread locked, exactly?

Same on Waves Plugins crashing in large projects when hit F3 Mixer please fix this !

Same here , cascading error windows haven’t seen that in a long long time, hope to see hot fix very soon , thx