F4 not working as a Key Command for Studio/Audio Connections in Mac -Nuendo 13.0.3

Hello all, new user here, long time Logic user.
Was referred to by a Windows user.
Been doing my darn best to get going but it is a bit of an uphill struggle since the vids are not a lot of help (will have to post another thread discussing it).
One thing that kept me back for several days was that the Function keys do NOT work like on Windows, I finally found after many troubleshooting experiments that to USE the F4 key for the Audio Connections, you have to use the Function(Fn) key PLUS the F4 to have it work. It is quite confusing because I went into the “Key Commands” menu and it states that it’s ONLY the F4 key.
I do have a Spanish Keyboard but that has never gotten in the way of my Key Commands in Logic. Can anyone shine a light on this?
Thank you!

Check your Keyboard Settings:

Hello Arne;
Thanks for the reply…I had already checked that and it was “ON”…any other ideas?


Sorry no further ideas.
Does this happen only to F4?
What about the other F keys, do they work correctly?

Hola Arne;
Yup, it’s for all the F keys as well unfortunately…
Really weird cause I have never had problems with any other software, so , blaming my keyboard is probably out of the question, I have a pretty good WIRED Macally SLIMKEYPROA model.
No probs with Logic either…
Hey, at least I found out a workaround!