fab filter pro eq & cubase 8

i have an issue with the eq be on the maser channel , and then when im playing a kick drum on an audio channel it stop working each time the kick is playing… anyone have an idea what is the problem ?
i uploaded a short video that explain the issue

Is it the audio channel that stops working, or just Fabfilter Pro-Q?

If it just Fabfilter’s Pro-Q, then my first thought is that Fabfilter’s Pro-Q can receive MIDI instructions and perform operations based on those instructions. It is not impossible that MIDI instructions is sent to it and makes it do something unwanted. Perhaps try disabling MIDI receival on Pro-Q.

Is plugin automation read button lit up?

It looks as if your insert is toggling the bypass on, then off! If the insert bypass button is not automated… then maybe a stuck or malfunctioning key on your alpha numeric keyboard is sending the key command (long shot!). Or, as others have said… Cubase is receiving a toggle insert bypass command via MIDI on that channel (more likely!).