Fabfilter and sidechain button ?

I haved installed Cubase 7 about 4 hours ago, maybe i’m to tired now and will check this tomorrow…
But there is no more sidechain button on Fabfilter ?
I did the update of fabfiler Vulcano but this hasn’t resolved the missing sidechain button…
Anyone have noticed this ?
Does Cubase 7 not supporting 3rd party plugin vst 3 sidechain at the moment ?

Just checked and the side-chain button is there and working on FF Volcano. Its the latest version of Volcano which supports the VST3.5 feature of “right click how automation lane”. :slight_smile:

Maybe you loaded the VST 2 version, I have both VST 2 and 3 installed.

Ok thx, i was probebly to tired yesterday night :smiley:
I will have a look in a few moment, thx again :wink:

This mixer is so awesome, so many useful features in it…

I’ve check it. VST 3 version works nice. :smiley:

I only loaded the vst 3 version and the pro c and volcano both had side chain. havent tried any of the others

I forgot to reply, to say that all find now and it was my mistake :laughing:
I haved load the vst3 Volcano and the sidechain button appears :smiley:

Now again it’s late :laughing: and iam wondering if we can display a kind of icon on the vst3 in the list to differentiate them between the vst2, or maybe delete the vst2 that i don’t need…
Again i will have a look tomorrow.

Thx all !!!

I dont have the 2 version loaded but in the menu list theres that little symbol beside the name that shows its a vst 3. Its actually on all vst 3 instruments
Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 10.24.56 PM.png

Thx :wink:
But i was thinking about this menu
Plug Menu.png