FabFilter plugins audio glitch

I have reported this to FabFilter and they can’t reproduce yet, but wondering if any other OSX/FabFilter users can reproduce this glitch:

Launch Wavelab from a closed state (important)
Make a new montage
Load in a one stereo WAV file
play the file in the montage and let it continue to play while you:
insert ProQ2 VST3 at the clip level
load a custom made VST3 preset from the VST3 menu in Wavelab

When I do this the audio becomes very jittery and buggy. It happens on both my Lynx AES16e card and the built in Mac output.

Here’s a video with audio of what I experience:

OSX 10.9.5
iMac 27" 3.5 GHz i7
WL 8.5.20 64-bit

If you stop playback and restart, is it ok?

Yes, if I stop playback and restart everything is okay.

It also doesn’t happen again after the first time. So if I would play again, and insert another FF instance, and recall a preset, there is no problem.

I know it’s not a major problem but it would be nice to fix and mostly I hope it could lead to some other incompatibilities between WL and FF that might help my problems.

Of the many many tests I’ve done to reproduce that UAD/FF crash, recalling presets seems to play a role at times.

Certain plugins use a lot of CPU when initializing themselves, eating ressources, hence perturbating some process. I guess this is such a case here (ie. the playback is affected by the sudden lack of CPU resources).

I understand about the CPU, but note that the glitch is only after loading a preset, not the initial launch.

However, it seems that if I use a preset with zero latency selected rather than natural phase, the problem is gone.

Is there anything I can tell FF to avoid this?