Fabfilter Plugins track delay

Hi guys,

I don’t know if I’m the only one with this bug, but when I use Fabfilter AU3-Plugins on my tracks, doesn’t matter if audio tracks or midi tracks, the whole song gets messed up and the track with the Fabfilter Plugin(s), gets a short ms delay.

I’m on iOS 16.2 with my M1 iPad Pro and I tested it in Cubasis 3.5 (latest version in the AppStore). And it doesn’t matter if I use one plugin from Fabfilter or 2-3. The delay is immediately present, when a Fabifilter Plugin is active. With Garageband its not the case. There I can use 3-4 Fabfilter Plugins and no delay at all.

Is there a fix around this? Am I missing something here? Am I the only one who experiences this bug?

Some of the FF Plug-ins and other plug-ins that use look-ahead (limiters, compressors, or other effects that need a larger internal buffer for processing) add latency and unfortunately Cubasis doesn’t yet have support for PDC (Plug-in Delay Compensation).

Hopefully PDC is on the ever growing to-do list for future Cubasis updates but it’s long overdue already especially with more higher end plug-ins being ported from the desktop which almost always rely on the host providing support for PDC.

Hopefully Cubasis will get PDC during 2023 but that something only @LSlowak knows…


Ah good to know! Thanks for the answer!

I fear Sam’s probably right and Cubasis’ lack of Plugin Delay Compensation is very likely to be the culprit here. I also first discovered this issue with the FabFilter plugins (Pro-L2 Limiter) when I tried to apply it to my drum bus, and suddenly discovered all my percussion was out of sync with the rest of the track(!)

I recently purchased the ‘Unfiltered Audio’ suite of (desktop quality) plugins and tried them with Cubasis, but they are also mostly un-usable, because Cubasis is unable to compensate for the ‘signal delay’ these plugins introduce.

Strangely enough, I’m not aware of any other iOS DAWs that don’t have PDC built in - it very much seems to be a ‘standard feature’ of DAWs, but for some reason Steinberg have decided not to include this arguably essential functionality.

There’s a thread called ‘Cubasis PDC broken’, where there’s some further information on the issue. @LSlowak has confirmed that PDC is on the to-do list, but disappointingly, it’s been on the to-do list for the past 3 years, since Jan 2020…

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How does one use Cubasis for making tracks? Do you have to align the tracks manually after rendering to audio? Is there no solution/work around?
I think the demos sound good! But there is no PDC for them. Is it only in certain situations where the track will sound bad with no PDC?

For the vast majority of AUv3 plugin effects, the signal delay is so small it’s completely unnoticeable. I used Cubasis for over a year before I even discovered the lack of PDC.

Some plugins, by their very nature (i.e ‘lookahead’ limiters which need to analyse a small buffer of the audio before applying their processing) introduce a noticeable delay into the signal chain, and if you place these on an individual track (particularly percussive elements) the delay becomes quite apparent if this delay is not compensated for by the DAW.

Obviously, if you only place limiters on Cubasis’ master bus, everything is delayed by the same amount and there’s no issue, but it’s on individual tracks where the lack of PDC becomes an issue.

It seems some of the newer ‘desktop grade’ plugins making their way to iOS recently introduce fairly significant delay into the signal chain, so unfortunately Cubasis’ lack of PDC is becoming more and more of an issue these days…

@DSP330 I had the same problem with Pro L2. Changing the Style to “Punchy” solved the problem completely.

It is maddening that Cubasis doesn’t support PDC @LSlowak!

For anyone attempting to do professional-level work, the lack of PDC and busses really limits us, in what is otherwise an extremely effective tool!

@LSlowak Please prioritize PDC in your roadmap, followed by busses (or ideally in the same hopefully near-term release).

While I’m bugging you, Mackie support for track meters would also make a huge difference.

Very interesting! Thanks for clarification. So I have to wait until PDC becomes a thing in Cubasis :smiley:

Then I have to use the stock plugins for now. They do their job and are ok. But with the FabFilter-Plugin I have more oportunities for fine tuning…but okay…I’ll wait…I guess :sweat_smile:

@baum2k I use all the FabFilter plug-ins available for IOS in Cubasis. Only certain settings produce latency.

And which doesn’t produce latency? Because I use Pro-Q3 and Pro-C2 the most and the Pro-R and they all produce latency :thinking:

I find on my 2018 iPad Pro that it depends on the “Style” set in each plug-in. Some do produce latency, but others don’t.

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