Fabfilter Pro-Q 3: spectrum analyser not showing in M1 native mode

Hello Cubase users, I have a peculiar issue to report, which I cannot identify what has caused it:

In Cubase Pro 12.0.6, running in native M1 mode, Pro-Q 3 instances have stopped showing the spectrum analyser. The eq works otherwise but the spectrum analyser is not visible. It pops up for a fraction of a second when adding an instance of Pro-Q 3, but then disappears.

I tested running Cubase in Rosetta mode and Pro-Q 3 works fine: the spectrum analyser shows. I have also checked in both M1/Rosetta cases that I have not disabled the pre- and post-EQ spectrum visualization by accident.

Thanks for any ideas. This issue appeared without making any changes (updated, etc.) to my system. The latest Pro-Q 3 version is installed.


As this is not Steinberg plug-in, I would report this to the plug-in vendor.

Yes, I checked on the Fabfilter user forum and found that other users regardless of daw have had issues with the plugin on M1 native systems. A simple restart of the computer seems to be the solution.