FabFilter Pro-Q 3 vs Cubase Multipressor?

I wanted to know if anyone has had experience using the FabFilter Pro-Q 3 plugin (specifically the dynamics EQ) and how similar the behavior is to the Cubase Multipressor.

I use the Cubase Multipressor a lot on final mixes to brighten and add more punch to the overall sound. Would FabFilter Pro-Q 3 be even better at doing this? How do the two compare?

What is “Cubase Multipressor”?

If by “Cubase Multipressor” you mean the Steinberg Multiband Compressor, then that is very different than Pro-Q 3, although in practice they might overlap in your personal workflow. The FabFilter plugin that is closer in spirit to Steinberg’s Multiband Compressor (and then far beyond it) is Fabfilter Pro-MB.

Here’s an article with some differences between Pro-MB and Pro-Q 3: https://mixmasterforum.com/t/fabfilter-pro-q3-when-to-use-dynamic-eq/1134

Also keep in mind that Fabfilter “simplified” Pro-Q 3 by automating the attack/release/ratio of dynamic bands, which I am not surprised to see, since they might cannibalize sales from Pro-MB! :slight_smile: In practice, the Pro-Q3 auto attack/release/ratio works well, but if you really want even more surgical control, you’ll need to get a different dynamic EQ, or use a multiband with more control like Pro-MB. If you want to get REALLY surgical, then a multiband compressor may not be the best choice anyway, due to their inherent design compared to dynamic EQs.

Personally, I love Pro-Q3, but my favorite dynamic EQ right now is actually TBProAudio’s dEQ6 - https://www.tb-software.com/TBProAudio/deq6.html - which has more precise control of each band/filter in terms of attack, ratio, etc… and it’s got some other great refinements and workflow I really enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, Pro-Q3 is a beast, but dEQ6 is a mighty little workhorse, more flexible in some key areas for me, and it’s a far better price too. I find myself using dEQ6 more than Pro-Q 3 right now, and I’ve recently become a fan of the developer (who is a really nice guy).

Anyway, there are several approaches to get you where you might want to go, and it’s super helpful to have a range of tools. The included dynamics processors in Cubase are serviceable and okay to start with, but anything from big developers like Fabfilter and small indie developers like TBProAudio will be far more advanced. Fortunately, you have many options out there to choose from. Good luck!

Excellent response!

BTW, since I mentioned TBProAudio, had to say they just released a really nice update to their dEQ6 dynamic EQ plugin. :slight_smile: Had to say something because it’s really good! Love this indie developer! Okay, back to the normal thread business…