Fabfilter Pro-R2 released, what do you think?

Since Fabfilter Pro-R2 is just been released, I’d like to know your opinion about it and how it compares to stock Cubase’s reverbs.

I think the release of C13 will create much more attention than the Pro-R2 release. :wink:
My first impression is, I’m excited… the multichannel support looks very promising.

Pro-R 2 is great for what it is. Will no doubt be one of my staples in projects going forward. No-brainer upgrade for me. Is this the greatest reverb on the planet? Of course not! That’s subjective and depending on context/content. But for a general-purpose algorithmic reverb, Pro-R 2 is a great tool that will be handy all over the place for me.

How does it compare with REVelation in your experience? What’s the advantage of Fabfilter Pro-R?

IMO preferences/opinions about something as unique as the sound of reverb are highly subjective, so the best judge for something like reverb is you. I’d submit that it’s worth the time to try out. Reverb in general is very much a stylistic choice, with genre, material, and many other variables that might impact why you’d chose one reverb over another.

Having said that, Pro-R 2 is a 9/10 for me. I consider it a great reverb that covers many kinds of materials and projects. But I have a large collection of reverbs to use. But in a very practical sense, I would place Pro-R 2 on my core list, and it might even make my “desert island” list. (Since I use multiple DAWs, I like to have a set of core plugins that I use with all of my DAWs, and pretty much all the FabFilter plugins are core plugins for me, and some of them are probably desert island plugins too.)

If I were exclusively a Cubase user, though, I’d first exhaust the capabilities of the bundled reverbs and then determine what KINDs of reverb you really need beyond them. I’m also of the school of thought that bundled plugins in DAWs these days are very good indeed, and a lot of people overlook the great tools they already have. So I try to suggest to people to look at their bundled plugins first, and then branch out based on specific needs. Pro-R 2 may or may not be the first or second or third choice for you, depending on your needs.

I don’t mean to be evasive, just trying to be honest. I personally love Pro-R 2, it can probably cover 75%+ of my typical reverb needs very well, sometimes exceptionally. But if your taste and needs are going to be different than mine, which they undoubtedly are, then take the time to test it, I think you’ll like it. But then again, there are TONs of reverbs on the market. Hope that helps a little.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer.
I’ll surely test myself and evaluate whether it is something I need.
I’m trying to limit my choices in terms of plugins and, as you said, make the most out of the tools I have at my disposal

That’s wise. I wish I figured that out a long time ago! It’s easy to fall into the trap that you need this plugin or that plugin, etc. But fewer choices can help you be more productive and creative, which is the whole point, right? Good luck!